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Here is a PDF version of this Newsletter.    Hands and feet in Croatia 1-13-2018

Here is a link to a youtube video that gives a small introduction to my work in Croatia.


Perfect Time of Year!!

People have been asking me what the weather is like here. I live in Koprivnica, Croatia, which is just over the 46° latitude line. In the USA it is like the Upper Peninsula Michigan. The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is just to the south, in the high 45° line. This is the same line as Portland, Oregon or Montreal, Quebec. So to answer all the questions, the weather is perfection!! It is cold enough to need to bundle up when outside and to wear my “fat pillow” slippers while working around the house. The trees are amazing along with all the typical fall wonders!! Today it is 7° C or 44° F!!!

Zagreb Koprivnica Pin map .jpg22883216_10214385766466887_1106843963_n.jpg22883076_10214385766586890_1268237038_n.jpg